Books by Julie L. Spencer

Buxton Peak: The Early Years


In the beginning, it was all about the music… until that wasn’t enough.

Child Prodigy and devoted musician, Ian Taylor, forms a rock band with his three best friends, helping them rocket to stardom and all the spoils that come with it.

But Ian’s heart is torn between the teachings of his youth and the temptations of music and the stage. When Ian disappears for two years, Buxton Peak falls apart.

Returning to center stages brings its own challenges, and life as a rock star is not as easy as it once was. The guys have grown up, and the original dynamic of the band is lost in the distractions of substance abuse and women.

Can they pull their lives, and their music, back together? Can Ian learn forgiveness as he fights to become the man God wants him to be?

See where it all began…

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Buxton Peak Book One: Who Is Ian Taylor? 1Cover_Buxton_Peak_Book One_Julie Spencer

Ian just wanted to be loved for who he was on the inside…

When he meets Megan, a small town college girl in a remote part of Michigan, he figures out pretty quickly that she knows nothing about him. So he makes the decision to hide his fame from her.

His plan backfires when Megan finds out who he really is and decides she doesn’t want to live her life in his spotlight, with all the baggage that comes with it. She just wants to live a quiet life in rural Michigan with a normal husband and family.

Can she forgive Ian for his deception (and embarrassing her on live television)? Is she willing to give up her dreams in order to follow his? Or will Ian throw away everything he’s achieved to stay in her life?

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Buxton Peak Book Two: Center Stage

2Cover_Buxton_Peak_Book Two_Julie SpencerCenter stage can’t last forever.

Even a rock band as talented as Buxton Peak can come crashing down.

Protecting his bride from cameras and scandals is the least of Ian’s worries. While he is blinded by love, his band is torn apart by distractions, temptations, and drug abuse.

Will Ian stand beside his mates, letting their problems become his problems? Can they pull together as a band? Or will the pressures of stardom rip them apart?

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Buxton Peak Book Three: The End of the Beginning

3Cover_Buxton_Peak_Book Three_Julie SpencerIn the beginning, it was all about the music…

Even a rock band as talented as Buxton Peak can’t stay on top forever. When drugs, betrayal, and tragedy rip the band apart, the guys find themselves short one drummer.

But front man, Ian Taylor, thinks he’s found the solution…

Nathanial Jackson plays drums for a small Christian rock band, but his talent exceeds theirs. He’ll never make it out of Nashville sitting behind them.

When the remaining members of Buxton Peak show up at Nathanial’s concert, he knows exactly what they want. A knowing glance and a handshake is all it takes to get him into the recording studio.

But starting over isn’t as easy as they thought. Ian believes his passion will be enough to keep his rock band from falling apart. He didn’t count on Nathanial challenging his leadership.

Can Ian and Nathanial set aside their differences and learn to work together? Can they find a new rhythm and recreate the sound fans expect from Buxton Peak? Or will tempers, pride, and outside pressures keep them from finding their way back to center stage?

This isn’t the end for Buxton Peak; it’s only the beginning…

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The Cove

Cover_The Cove_Julie SpencerSome accomplishments are easier than others…

For Olympic swimmer Gail Pederson, gold medals came easy. Finding true love and marrying him in the temple? Not so easy. Especially with three men competing for her attention, and temptations leading her further and further from her goal.

Choices have consequences, and each choice Gail makes affects all four of them. One choice changes their lives forever, and leaves unexpected consequences in its wake.

Innocence lost, promises broken, and friendships destroyed. Gail may choose how to live her life, but she can’t choose the consequences.

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The Man in the Yellow Jaguar

Man In the Yellow Jaguar_Cover_29 Aug 2017_2Love at first sight may exist in fairy tales, but not usually from across a parking lot.

When Allison feels drawn to a mysterious man in shades and a baseball cap driving a yellow Jaguar, she can’t get him off her mind.

But Charles Davison is the only guy around who drives a yellow Jaguar, and he’s the owner of the resort where Allison works. Charles is twice Allison’s age and doesn’t share her values. Yet, somehow they connect and fall in love.

The night Allison accepts his proposal, she meets Charles’ son. What starts as a celebration, ends in a heated argument between father and son, and the woman who threatens to take the place of C.J.’s deceased mother.

As the wedding date looms closer, Allison’s doubts increase and the relationships between the men become more and more complicated. Will they make it to the altar? Or will tensions come to a head when they need each other most?

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Love Undefined

Love-Undefined (1)Love is unpredictable and can come in ways we least expect… sometimes from outside the solar system.

This collection contains eleven swoon-worthy love stories that redefine how two souls fall in love. From aliens and vampires, to phantoms and shape-shifters. Arranged marriages, sworn enemies, and even perfect strangers. Love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people.

Find romance in unconventional ways by reading Love Undefined from the creative writers at LDS Beta Readers.

Includes a bonus flash fiction piece by bestselling author, Victorine Lieske!

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Unspoken Words

Unspoken Words AnthologySometimes the most important words are Unspoken…

This collection contains fourteen short-story romances featuring established and up-and-coming authors. There’s something for everyone to enjoy from historical to young adult, movie stars to bodyguards, work place romance to friendship deepening into more.

What happens when you find the courage to say what needs to be said?

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