Book Review of Pinterest for Authors, Artists, and Entrepreneurs by Lisa Shea


As an author, this book was of special interest to me, or should I say ‘Pinterest’?

Previous to reading this book I already had a Pinterest account, but I had done very little with it. I took Lisa’s advice and followed the steps she laid out. I think it turned out really well. I’ll share a link to my updated Pinterest account below the book review.

One thing I really appreciated about Lisa’s book was the insider information, the behind-the-scenes things that are not really in most how-to instructions about Pinterest.

Another thing that was good about the book was that it was really designed for beginners. If  you have never had a Pinterest account, this will help you start from scratch.

The big thing I did with my Pinterest account was to create a Board for each one of my novels and pin photos of places and people who look like the characters in my books. This was not a specific suggestion from Lisa, but I’ve found that other authors have done similar things with theirs.

Here is my main page:

Here is the Storyboard for my novel, The Cove:

A few stumbling blocks I ran into: you have to refresh your Pinterest screen over and over whenever you make a change, in order to get the changes to show up. There are also a lot of pretty confusing things in Pinterest that I’ve stumbled through trying to learn.

I feel like this book should really be split into three books: one for authors, one for artists, and one from entrepreneurs. There was a lot of focus on art, including some confusing art terms that had little to do with my learning and pulled me from the book. I really don’t remember anything in the book specifically focused toward entrepreneurs.

Anyway, all in all, it was a great learning experience. Lisa has several other books designed to help us learn Instagram, and Twitter. I have read them and will probably study them further when I get a chance. I’m not sure I’ll ever embrace Instagram, but I try to use Twitter. (Old dog here, new tricks aren’t easy!)

Have you read Pinterest for Authors, Artists, and Entrepreneurs by Lisa Shea? What’s your opinion? –Julie L. Spencer

Check out my Pinterest Account:

Other Books in the Author Essential Series by Lisa Shea:










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