Book Review of Chronicles of the Half Emrys Book Two: The Two Masters by Lisa Rector

In Chronicles of theHalf Emrys Book Two: The Two Masters, good versus evil takes a twist when the evil is challenged by memory loss, and innocence is stolen by temptation. Sometimes the lines between right and wrong are blurred by power and love.
I had the unique opportunity of reading the prequel to the Chronicles of the Half-Emrys series, which is probably something most people have not done at the time of my writing this.
As a fellow author, I was given the chance to read an advance copy. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. I became a Lisa Rector fan immediately. When I was done reading the prequel I needed to read the rest of the books, so I bought all three of the main series. I have now finished Book One: Master of Lies and Book Two: The Two Masters.
This is not my usual genre. I don’t normally read fantasy novels and I have never read anything with dragons in it. If I hadn’t had the opportunity to read the prequel I may never have stumbled upon the rest of the series. I’m very glad I did read the books because they’re great.
I told Lisa half way through my reading of Book One that these are not so much fantasy novels as they are powerful love stories. The passion between the characters is phenomenal. The passion in the prequel is even better! I can’t wait for the world to read it!
I highly recommend reading anything by Lisa Rector. I will seek her out in future reading endeavors. Great author, great series.

Have you read Chroniclesof the Half-Emrys? What’s your opinion? –Julie L. Spencer

3 thoughts on “Book Review of Chronicles of the Half Emrys Book Two: The Two Masters by Lisa Rector

  1. I love it when the books I read take me out of my reading comfort zone. It's always such an eye-opening experience and I'm always that much better for it. I'm not much of a fantasy person, but I'm a sucker for a good story and this sounds like it might fit the bill. 🙂

    Thanks for the book rec, I can't wait to check it out!


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