Excerpt from Buxton Peak by Julie L. Spencer – Wanna Marry Me?

           In the flurry of activity, Ian took the opportunity to steal another little kiss, but didn’t let himself get carried away again. While everyone else excitedly rushed around getting ready to leave, he held Megan in his arms standing there in her dorm room and drank in the look in her eyes. He took her left hand in his and placed a kiss on her ring finger as if to imply that there should be something else resting there. He raised his eyebrows at her with clear intention.
“What are you trying to say, Ian?” Megan whispered.
“Wanna marry me?” he whispered back.
“Maybe,” she told him for the second time that day. She grinned at him conspiratorially, and laughed lightly. “You haven’t exactly gotten down on one knee yet.”
“I’m not going to right now,” he whispered back to her. “I want to do it right. At the right time and in the right place and with the right diamond in my hand. So I can officially place it on your finger.” He kissed her hand again and looked longingly into her eyes.
“You were everything I ever wanted before I knew who you really were,” Megan stated. “What if things aren’t the same?”
“They never will be, Love.” He looked into her eyes with a look that bordered on apologetic. “But my feelings for you have never been anything less than sincere. You are everything I want also, and I love it that you want me just because I’m me.”

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